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Murasaki Breast Clinic – 1 minute from Gotanda Station

The Murasaki Breast Clinic in Gotanda, Tokyo is your go-to home doctor for all breast issues.

We offer a full range of breast outpatient services, breast screening (including Shinagawa-ku Breast Screening programme), consultation on breastfeeding issues, breast cancer post-operative follow-up, and lymphedema outpatient service (lymph node drainage).

Our clinic was designed to be a place you can drop in to without feeling nervous. The interior concept uses natural materials and muted colours to put patients at ease. Our inspiration was the coffee shops of Portland, Oregon, not conventional hospitals.

We are conveniently located just one minute’s walk from Gotanda Station in central Tokyo, easily accessible from Shinagawa-ku, Minato-ku and Meguro-ku. You can make appointments via our English language Internet booking service, and click through for detailed map and directions.


Opening Hours

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6F Arakyu Building,

2-19-2 Nishigotanda,

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


Director: Dr. Murasaki Ikeda

Breast Surgery: Dr. Sayuka Nakayama

Breast Surgery: Dr. Yumi Tonouchi

Gynecology: Dr. Mutsumi Yamanoi


  • Important: Please SEE HERE before visiting us, for important information to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Notice: Shinagawa City Breast Screening – we are now a registered medical institution in the breast screening programme for Shinagawa City residents. You can receive screening if you are a resident of Shinagawa City (“Shinagawa-ku”) and have a valid breast screening voucher. By appointment only – please call for details and eligibility.
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  • Our official Facebook page is open, for more information about our clinic.
DirectorDr Murasaki IKEDA

A Message from Doctor Murasaki Ikeda

Your go-to home doctor for all breast issues

I’m very pleased to be opening the Murasaki Breast Clinic in Gotanda, Tokyo.

I have been engaged in the treatment of breast cancer at the Showa University Breast Centre since its founding in June 2010. The team there works tirelessly under the banner of “patient-focused team-based medical treatment.” There I came across many outpatients with concerns such as “how can I best prevent breast cancer?” “I’m afraid of a relapse after being treated,” or ”I’m worried for my family member who has breast cancer.” I also heard some patients say that, even though they had been referred to the University Hospital for detailed tests following a screening, they found it a burden to visit a large hospital and came less often than before. As a doctor in a major teaching hospital, where surgeries and in-patient treatment are the main focus, it was not always possible to fully listen to patients’ concerns.

That is what led me, as another facet of Showa University’s principle of team-based medicine, to set up this clinic, near Gotanda Station and easily accessible from the University Hospital in Hatanodai. If specialised testing (MRI, CT) is required, we are able to refer patients to the Breast Centre at Showa. When treatment for breast cancer is required, we shall provide total support for each and every patient to receive a standard of care in which they can have complete confidence, by co-operating with Showa University Hospital, as well as other teaching hospitals, cancer hospitals, and general hospitals.

Please don’t hesitate to consult us, as your go-to home doctor for all breast issues.

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